Valuations, Acquisitions & Mergers




Valuing your business for sale or loan purposes is a complex process and involves a lot more than just the value of assets, turnover and liabilities.

Where you’re positioned in the market, competitor activity, existing supply agreements and what’s happening within your industry regionally and nationally (or internationally if you’re trading overseas) are just a few of the factors we’ll consider to help determine a realistic value of your business.

We’ll document our findings and methodology for you to present to your bank, finance company or business broker. As Chartered Accountants with years of experience, our Valuations have credibility with financial organisations and are based on hard facts rather than subjective opinion.

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Acquisitions & Mergers


Due Diligence is an essential part of the process for any proposed acquisition or merger. We can help you to review the financial records of the business you’re acquiring, prepare an accurate valuation of that business, and to identify any risks in the current structure or operation.

If you decide to proceed, we can help you with company restructure, redundancies, new job descriptions and employment contracts, opening and closing accounts, and revised trading terms. We can assist with merging company records, importing data, and identifying cost-efficiencies.

We’ll guide you through the process, ensuring that all parties get a fair deal, that there are no hidden fish hooks and that the sale proceeds seamlessly.

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