Software Solutions


Software Solutions

Technology has changed the way we operate, with business owners and administrators no longer needing to operate from a fixed office to work effectively.

With the advent of cloud based accounting programmes you can securely access important financial data, schedule work, pay your staff, complete your bank reconciliations, do your GST returns and invoice clients 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

When you have issues or you need to work collaboratively with other parties, such as your accountant or bank, you can give them permission to access to your systems in real time to resolve the matter promptly. This is also really useful and can save a significant amount of time when filing GST, Tax Returns and annual returns.

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At MAQ Chartered Accountants we’ll review your current systems and identify the best software solutions to suit the way you operate and your industry specific requirements.

We can help you migrate old data across, help you customise the system for your business, and train you and your staff to use it. We’ll also be available on an ongoing basis to provide software support.

We have experience and can provide assistance and training with a myriad of accounting programmes such as Xero, Ge-Op, Fergus, Payroll Systems, Banklink, Farm Focus, Figured, MYOB and Account Rite to name just a few.

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